TVA2020 Toxic Vapor Analyzer, FM approved, Intrinsically safe

TVA2020 Toxic Vapor Analyzer, FM approved, Intrinsically safe


The TVA2020 is a combination FID and PID detector in a single instrument that features advanced data logging capabilities. It is also 21% lighter then previous models and features many functions to increase ease of use and productivity. The TVA2020 is perfectly suited for multiple applications including site remediation, area surveys, US EPA Method 21 monitoring, and landfill monitoring.

Combining both an FID and a PID in a single instrument allows a wider range of compounds to be detected and can even provide clues as to the identity of certain compounds. For example, an FID is highly sensitive to Methane but a PID cannot detect it at all. Inversely, a PID can detect some inorganic compounds which are invisible to an FID. Certain situations also favor different detectors. A PID does not require Hydrogen fuel or air to operate and can be used in an anaerobic environment. In wet environments FIDs are preferred as they are less susceptible to humidity.

New data logging options have greatly increased the ease of use. PC software is no longer required to download data. The TVA2020 simply appears as a USB drive when hooked to a computer and data is accessible as text files. This removes the need to keep updated instrument software and also allows the data to be downloaded with any device that supports reading USB drives (including Macs and smartphones). A Bluetooth option allows data to be streamed to your portable device with LDAR database software, eliminating the need to download data from the instrument entirely. An optional GPS module is also available and will automatically include location data in your downloads.

The TVA2020 also features increased run time, up to 10 hours from a single on board Hydrogen tank. An enhanced probe featuring an LCD display is also available. The TVA2020 is intrinsically safe and can be ordered as a FID/PID combination instrument or as and FID only instrument.